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pE-4000 by CoolLED

14 March 2020
Tags: microscopy light sources fluorescence microscopy

Switching from metal halide to LED was a very good move for us.

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Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash4.0

11 March 2020
Tags: microscopy imaging microscope cameras Hamamatsu

A significant improvement for the imaging quality of our fluorescence microscopy applications.

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The "national shortage" of M9 medium

31 January 2020
Tags: M9 minimal medium powder BD

Enigmatic shortage of 5 × M9 minimal medium powder

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Environmental chamber for time-lapse microscopy

20 November 2019
Tags: microscopy heated chamber environmental chamber time-lapse microscopy

Keeping bugs happy under the microscope.

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Temperature monitoring of freezers

1 November 2019
Tags: temperature freezer strains storage

Monitoring temperatures in your strain collection freezer was never easier.

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Automatic pipettes

25 October 2019
Tags: automatic pipettes micro-volume Gilson IKA

Getting automatic pipettes just right is surprisingly tricky.

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Following growth of E. coli cultures

24 October 2019
Tags: spectroscopy growth curves Escherichia coli E. coli OD600

It took a bit of time to measure the OD of E. coli cultures in a non-invasive way, but we got there in the end.

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Micro-volume spectroscopy of DNA samples

23 October 2019
Tags: micro-volume spectroscopy bio-drop

Measuring DNA concentrations in small volumes.

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Mini centrifuges

10 October 2019
Tags: centrifugation centrifuges spinning mini centrifuges

Who needs mini centrifuges? As it turns out: everyone.

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Mixing samples

7 August 2019
Tags: mixing samples vortex

Especially when lots of dilution series are a regular part of the lab work the use of a good vortex mixer makes life a lot easier.

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